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7 May 1989
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Max Guevara: "I think I'll call you Alec. As in 'Smart Alec'."
X5-494/"Alec": "I can live with that."
Max Guevara: "Good, 'cause my second choice was 'Dick'."
- Dark Angel, ep 2.1 "Designate This"

Name: Designation X5 Series 331845739494 (494 for short) AKA Alec
Age: 16
Fandom: Dark Angel (tv series/novelizations)
Room/Roommate: 311/Tyler Durden Johnny Blaze Kaylee Frye

Cabin/Alcove: [2006: Seawhorse/A4] [2007: Jackalope/A2] [2008: (1st) Virgo/A1 (2nd) Precocious Ponies/A2]

Voice Mail

Important Note: 494 Alec has a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck. It's normally in plain view unless he's making an effort to cover it up, which would be noted wherever he happens to be.


The X-5 line of transgenics, of which X5-494 is a member, look human, but are genetic chimera - human DNA mixed with (mostly) feline. This results in enhanced speed/strength/flexibility, as well as more acute senses than humans (including telescopic vision), little need for sleep and, in the case of 494 Alec and his clone, an above-average ability towards manipulation and coercion.

This 494 Alec is taken from before the series begins, beginning when he's still at the government facility Manticore. The psy-ops observational period (due to his twin's possible genetic inclination towards psychosis and serial killing [see ep 01.17]) and, nearly a year later, the reindoctrination after his first long term solo mission (due to subversive action and treason [see ep 02.11]) left him outwardly disciplined, but inwardly rebellious towards Manticore and their treatment of the trangenics they created. Not to mention the tendency of Manticore to euthanize units that displayed too much independent thinking or presented disciplinary problems.

When his superiors judged him fit to return to duty, he took the opportunity to run - at first just as far as he could get, before he realized he needed to go somewhere that Manticore couldn't reach him. Some research and dissection of rumors gave him a new destination: Fandom High.

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5 How to Keep Your Neck in Modeling: A Mercenary's Guide to Fashion


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