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And if you don't put your heart out there on the line...
...you're never really living at all.
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12th-Apr-2015 11:09 am - Voice Mail
Reaching out to touch someone.
It's me; leave a message.

So incognito right?
Alec shrugged out of his sweater, making a note to avoid wearing it when the forecast said anything over 70-something - people stared when you were a heat-loving freak of nature and that was pretty much the opposite of what he wanted and Bobby had ordered.

Tossing it onto the bed, Alec sat down carefully at the tiny desk and sketched out a few notes, chewing at his lip thoughtfully. The locals seemed to think a ghost was killing people, or at least causing them to be sick, but he was pretty sure most hauntings wouldn't give you the flu - even a really bad flu. He tapped his pen on the desktop, considering calling Bobby to tell him this was probably nothing. Maybe then he could do something fun, like run after cryptozoology specimens in the woods, or hunt down something actually dangerous.

[OOC: For saltandammo, but if open for other calls if you'd like.]
13th-Mar-2009 10:01 pm - [Saturday Morning, Singer Residence]
Ten past eight in the morning, a rhythmic thumping began on the second floor of Bobby Singer's house, the creaking of springs muffled only slightly by the stacks of books and papers that stood throughout its rooms.

Alec had crawled out of bed long enough to determine that Bobby was still asleep and that eggs broke really easily (and messily, with eggshells still in) when all you wanted was some breakfast 'cause you were hungry, and so had found something else to do while he waited.

The bed would probably never quite recover from the hyperactive transgenic thrashing it was receiving, and the room below would probably need a good dusting later, but ten-year-old Alec was not a being of long-term thought, and this was fun.
17th-Nov-2008 11:49 pm - [OOC: Such Sweet Sorrow.]
So as some of you might have noticed, Alec has left the building. Bumblebee is gone as well, unfortunately, as my life right now is just not conducive to being a more active member of FH.

Alec is now on expat status in Deanland, so he's not gone entirely. I wish I could've seen him through to graduation, but at least he's not terribly concerned about it.

Anyone's free and welcome to contact me outside of FH, for any reason. And I'm still at onefishjyuufish, even if I don't post much.

Take care, guys. :)
23rd-Jun-2008 10:19 pm - [Room 438, Monday Night (post-radio)]
S'that so.
When Dean came back from doing radio, he might have noticed that his room was not as he left it. In other words, there now was an Alec, making himself at home on one of the beds with an air of nonchalance, as well as expectation.

[OOC: For him whose room it is.]
10th-Jun-2008 05:16 pm - [Room 311, Tuesday Eveningish]
Arms to rival Lee's?
The warm weather was definitely awesome, Alec would say if anyone asked. No one had, but that hardly dampened his enthusiasm, which was largely evident by the fact that he wasn't bothering with more than a pair of sweats and a thoughtful expression.

The door was open and so was the window - Alec was trying to identify the weird smell, apparently by immersion. Also he has ice cream.

[OOC: Open!]
31st-May-2008 06:47 pm - [Virgo, A1, Saturday evening]
I like gloves with no fingers.
Alec was trying not to think too hard; a run in candy-rain had helped, earlier (how could it not, really?), and now he was sort of mentally drifting. Half sitting up on his bed with his eyes closed, he probably looked like he was napping - but how likely was that, really?
11th-May-2008 09:22 am - [OOC: Availability]
YED - Face of an angel
I, uh, totally forgot today was Mother's Day, because I'm a git, so and but I'll probably not be around until tomorrow. Oy.

*uses icon that hopefully won't be needed again, lol*
26th-Sep-2007 07:36 pm - [OOC: Availability Notice]
OOC and freakin' adorable
As of now, Kry (x5_alec/turtle_techie) and James (turtle_toughguy) are on hiatus (with halfshell_hero taking off with his bros for completeness' sake). We plan to return to the game, don't worry, but we've got too much going on in RL for the moment to really concentrate on anything else.

I'll still be reachable online and around for the occasional flist update, though, so feel free to IM me to say hi or whatever. Otherwise, we'll see you guys in a couple months. *waves*
9th-Sep-2007 10:29 am - [Room 311, Sunday Afternoon]
You're totally wrong but I'll humour you
Alec hadn't really done anything of note for a while and while he was feeling the itch to do something it was, unfortunately, a Sunday, which meant laziness and lying about with no particular goal. He'd compromised by doing laundry and then ignoring the clean clothes after he'd brought them up instead of putting them away.

Lying about was next. Thankfully that part didn't take a lot of preparation.

[OOC: Door's open.]
2nd-Aug-2007 10:56 am - OOC: Cheerleaders Vote!
Go Gremlins!
Tomorrow the voting will end, guys, so get your votes in if you haven't already!

28th-Jul-2007 06:34 pm - [Room 311, Saturday Afternoon]
Like nobody's watching!
Alec had a Rubbermaid tub next to his bed, nearly all the way filled with dildo cozies of various sizes and colours and... shapes. For special dildos, maybe.

There may have been a dozen pairs of baby booties mixed in there, but he wasn't sure if he actually wanted to give them to anyone, even if they had just had a baby and were superhot.

The door was open, needles were clicking away, and Alec was listening to the radio playing something Dean would probably enjoy.

[OOC: Yes, open!]
25th-Jul-2007 12:22 am - [OOC: Also not my availability]
OOC and freakin' adorable
carbontelepath/1ordinarygirl/abhorsentobe's internets are down the tubes and they may not be be able to get on reliably until returning to school in two weeks. Hopefully before then she will be on, but it will likely be sporadic.
OOC and freakin' adorable
Today's your last chance to try out for Cheerleading!

ICly it happened on Saturday, but, you know, a sound as if a million Harmonians suddenly cried out in realization and were suddenly silenced, yadda yadda, so it's open for SP until today at 7pm PSTish.

Anyway, TRY OUT. Y'all that have, I love you guys. <3
14th-Jul-2007 11:15 pm - [OOC: When Naps Attack]
OOC icon of hilarity +10
As much as I wish I hadn't slept all day, I apparently did. Apologies to those who needed Caritas tonight.
12th-Jul-2007 02:11 pm - [Rm 438, Thursday Afternoon]
Like nobody&#39;s watching!
Alec was humming as he let himself into Dean's room - apparently the external soundtrack was doing well by him, at least in his opinion. Anyone around him had had to deal with a strange assortment of songs so far. It had made an early morning run a lot more interesting, at least.

"There he goes again
Take me to the edge again
All I got is a dirty trick
I'm chasin' down the wolves to save you
... Dude, you home?"

[OOC: For saltandammo]
Best cocktail on the government&#39;s tab
Alec had indeed finished, and parted with, his last project, leaving him with not much to do.

So he was sorting yarn.

...It was nice to know how much you had to work with, is all.

[OOC: Open, but thread with Rikku locked to her.]
7th-Jul-2007 08:53 pm - [The Preserve, Saturday Evening]
Earlier, Alec had had an itch to get out, and it had been easy enough to convince Dean to come along, grabbing his bike from the garage and heading out to the cave they'd visited a couple times last summer.

It was beginning to cool down as the sun set, thankfully, and the beach was deserted this far out. Sometimes peace and quiet was just what the transgenic ordered, Alec thought as he flopped down on the beach towel they'd spread over the sand.

[OOC: For saltandammo]
6th-Jul-2007 09:08 am - [OOC: Info Post]
OOC and freakin&#39; adorable
The shorty on AlecCollapse )

Donatello in BriefCollapse )

Stuff about Ellen HarvelleCollapse )

And y'all probably saw D's info post from earlier this week. I advise reading it if you're going to visit the shop, though you're always welcome to ping me on IM to clarify a point or ask questions. :)

So, comments, questions, testimonials?
29th-Jun-2007 07:51 pm - [Room 311, Friday Evening]
Outta the shower.
After the incident in HotButSneakyPrincipal Washburn's office that was still being played out, Alec had retreated to his room. Not that his pride was injured, not at all.

Okay, maybe it was kind of irksome to have old people get the drop on you.

[OOC: For saltandammo, but feel free to drop by if you need something from him!]
18th-Jun-2007 08:57 pm - [Room 311, Monday Evening]
Popping out of the fox-hole.
Alec was in the midst of a new batch of knitting, using some of the wool he'd gotten for his birthday. Dildo cozies were in a neat stack and there were several hats now to add to them.

New project? A blanket.

[OOC: For saltandammo.]
15th-Jun-2007 12:10 pm - [Room 311, Friday Afternoon]
Completely not worth the wait.
When Alec had woken up, he'd returned the call from Dawn, then blinked at the next message before returning it as well.

Then he got Charlie's message and called her back somewhat less tactfully. The next message, mystifyingly from HotPrincipal Washburn, he returned a little more formally. Sakurazaki's was just bizarre, considering he barely knew her, but still he'd called back.

He then returned John's voice mail. Then Ronan's.

Eyeing the phone as he put it down the last time, he paused a moment, then practically ran out of the room - he'd left Dawn waiting a while and hopefully she wasn't wandering around underwear-less without him being there. To help.

...When he got back, there were more messages. He called back to flirt, be weirded out, and then do some flailing.

ETA: And there was yet another, later on, that made him wonder if he was somehow being unclear about his intentions. Hm.
11th-Jun-2007 11:22 am - [OOC: Poll for Next Term]
OOC and freakin&#39; adorable
I'm looking at possibly bringing in a character for an unusual/magical/otherworldly creatures class and I'm interested in finding out what you, the players, would find most interesting to see/interact with.

Click here to find out more!Collapse )
10th-Jun-2007 11:22 pm - [MCA, Apt 10, Sunday Night]
On sneaky kitty feets.
Alec had a mission. A mission bestowed upon him by a certain teacher. One which should prove to be fun and would totally not be on his head should anyone find out who did it.

With several bags of supplies, he carefully broke into the apartment, giving it a quick look-through just to make sure there was no one at home. Once that was done, the decorating began.

First there were balloons - a mixed dozen of some, half dozen of another - and then a good couple dozen soap party favors (which creeped Alec out like nothing else), a huge gift basket, and several banners strung along the ceiling.

There were also a bunch of books strewn about, all carefully considered for the mom-to-be.

The coup de grace, however, was a certain item, which Alec made sure to place in an obvious spot for the apartment's owner to find.

Then he got the hell out of there.

[OOC: NFB, plz! Apartment and occupant modded with permission from tricksy_spy. Establishy, no interaction, OOC comments welcome, yadda yadda.]
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